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Distance Reflexology or Reiki

Reiki and Reflexology offered through distance is the practice of sending a treatment to someone without them being present. This has many benefits, the main one being accessibility. Whether your housebound due to your health, or a busy lifestyle with limited time. A 30 - minute distance treatment without leaving your front door could give you the support you need.

For a distance healing it is best to sit down or lie down on your bed or a quiet space where you are not going to be disturb for 30 minutes whilst Paula tunes in and makes an energetic connection, sending energy to a specific location; possible as we are all connected energetically.

In order to wrap our heads around this, think about sound. We know that sound waves exist, but they aren’t something we can see with our physical eyes. Have you ever turned up a radio full blast and felt the vibrations in the air at this point we can hear and feel the sounds waves. Similarly, heat waves can be seen rising up in incredibly hot climates and when we are connect to the web or a phone there is no physical connection to the other end.

Energy and distance healing works in the same way, we can’t see it and sometimes we can’t feel it, but the healing energy is still received by the body and can travel miles until it reaches the target.

The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit and tunes the healing energy to the person it is being sent to and then it flows through the energy currents that exist naturally.

In the UK in 2010, the National Occupation Standard, developed by Skills for Health acknowledged the following three methods of practicing Reiki:


  1. Hands on the body

  2. Hands near the body

  3. From a distance

Reiki is a non-invasive holistic treatment to restore balance in mind, body and spirit while promoting the body's regenerative self-healing ability. Its healing energy connects us on an energetic and spiritual level where the healing work is conducted. We are more than our physical bodies, our thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, perspectives and moral beliefs all exist within us, but they are not part of our physical bodies. They are energies that can affect our physical bodies, but they are not physical elements.

If you are unable to attend for a treatment distance healing provides a wonderful, simple and effective alternative solution, worth a try, you might be surprised relaxing it feels.

”We are not a body with and soul but a soul with a body.“

Wayne Dyer

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