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Paula's Reiki Certificaate

Reiki Certificate Paula

It is very hard to describe Reiki. It’s like try to describe to someone the taste of an orange to someone who has never eaten one. But once the orange is in your mouth there is no need for an explanation.

Has anyone ever said to you that you need to, RELAX? Or do you know that you are not setting enough time aside to look after yourself and truly relax? You may even justify your tension by saying, ‘If I were to relax completely, I’d fall apart.’ Much of illness and suffering is based on states on imbalance, reiki can redress these imbalances.

Reiki can heal the wounds both seen and unseen it is a popular complementary therapy based on the concept of accessing energy that is applied to the body via the hands. Originating in Japan the word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, a force that flows through all living beings, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. It falls into the category of Energy Medicine and works on the premise that consciousness directly affects constitution.

Reiki can be successfully combined with other treatments which Paula often does. It promotes the qualities of love and compassions and with ongoing treatments a deep peace can begin to enter your life. People have sought Paula for Reiki for ME time, an hour of deep relaxation, when they have felt overwhelmed, to manage fears and anxieties. To cope with stress, to process grief, to deal with illness or surgery….. for most of life’s challenges. A Reiki experience is individual and depends on the person and circumstances. Treatments are usually deeply relaxing and beneficial for times of stress and overload but every one of us is unique.

If your still not sure, add a taster to your regular treatment or book a 30 minute treatment and experience this ancient art of healing.


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