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Emotional Freedom Technique through Reflexology (AFTR)
“As you think, so you are.” Dr Randolph Stone.

Academy of foot tapping reflexologyWe are never taught how to handle negative emotions, tools and techniques to get rid of stress and calm the mind to enable us to ‘let go’ of the past or fears and concerns for the present or future life. Modern medicine does not have a cure for stress and we now know that a person’s mental and emotional state affects their wellbeing.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a modern energy technique where tapping on traditional Chinese acupuncture points on the meridians allows the mind, body and emotions to rebalance, enabling freedom from negative emotion.

Originally developed in the 1990’s by Gary Craig EFT can help by nullifying the emotional pain attached to experiences. It works gently, at the pace of the individual on anything from a phobia of spiders to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD.)

The founders of AFTR are Peter Tomlinson and Jean Allenby. They have taken the principles of EFT and after several years of research and development devised a technique which can either be incorporated into a classical reflexology or Limbic reflexology or the full treatment can be focused on EFT. The foot tapping technique is unique, combining energy therapies with reflexology and utilising deep vibration to make a real difference to health and wellbeing. It significantly increases the effectiveness of classical reflexology whether it’s for emotional pain and the physical symptoms which goes with it or for the many other reasons people seek out a reflexologist.

It all sounds a bit confusing, so Paula is happy to discuss the treatments in more detail and take the approach that best suits your personal circumstances.


  • Personal problems can be helped with only a small about of information from the client,
  • Results are often quicker than other therapies,
  • The technique offers long-term relief,
  • EFT points on your body can be taught for self-help at home,
  • EFT often works when nothing else will.

Other Uses of the treatment:

Scared of anything:

  • Water,
  • flying,
  • exams,
  • driving test,
  • speaking in meetings.

Do you want to give up smoking or drinking, need help with making good food choices?

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks or lack confidence?

Historical issues - Most of us suffer from negative emotions and patterns which stem from our upbringing, event or what people say or do to us, affect all of us.

Reading on ….
“All negative emotions arise from a disturbance or blockage in our body’s energy system.”

In it’s simplest terms, EFT is a form of acupressure expect we tap with the fingertips instead of press and we don’t use needles. Tapping on meridian points of the toes to stimulate the energy system to concentrate on the problem.

What is this energy?

All matter is made up of energy; the human body as a dynamic energy system is in a constant state of change. Because we cannot perceive energy with the naked eye, we find it difficult to comprehend, but this does not mean it does not exist.

In the East this energy has various names Chi/Ki, Shinto or Prana, which in the West is translated to “life force” or ‘Vital energy.” Vital energy represents some form of electricity. It is not electricity but responds and reacts in a way that many of the laws applying to electricity does. It has distinct and established pathways, definite direction of flow, and characteristic behaviour. According to Far Eastern tradition it circulates and permeates every living cell and tissue; in physical terms human beings can be reduced to a collection of electromagnetic fields. What we perceive as solid tissue is actually a mass of cells made up of chemical substances that are collections of atoms, every atom carrying a charge and influencing each other.

We as living organisms inhabiting earth are in turn electromagnetically intertwined with its energies. The earth’s electromagnetic field, the energy of the sun and the moon. Our planet is a vibrant, pulsating mass of energy that lives and breathes in accordance with the natural laws of the universe of which we are part. Artificial energy also has a profound impact of life: Radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays and Gamma rays; electropollution. Strengthening our own energy fields can help increase our ability to cope with additional stresses of electropollution and reflexology can help with that.

Merians Points of the toesThe Chinese discovered that chi energy circulates along 12 meridian pathways within the body. The six main meridians penetrate the major organs and are found in the feet, specifically the toes. Treating the pathways in the feet helps clear blockages along the meridian and encourages the vital body energy to flow. Ann Gillanders, Reflexologist says “The body is based on electrical circuit and like normal circuits it has negative and positive poles. Reflexology is a method of contacting the electrical centres in the body has been used for centuries to create a smooth flow of vibratory energy through the body contacting various organs, glands and cells.” Doreen Bayley said, ‘There is, I believe, an electrical impulse triggered off by pressure on a tender reflex and a subtle flow which bring a remarkable return of vitality to the patient whilst receiving the treatment.’

Reflexology opens up the energy pathways, energizing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the client. The specific techniques for applying pressure to the feet create channels for healing energy to circulate to all parts of the body. When the body is ‘out of balance,’ it is not functioning efficiently. Reflexology helps return the body to a state of balance. When the reflexes on the feet are stimulated, an involuntary response is elicited in the body by energy pathways or meridians to these specific reflexes. A chain reaction is then set in motion causing physiological changes to occur throughout all the systems of the body.

The mind is immensely powerful and the relationship between mind and body should never be underestimated. All thoughts and emotions reverberate throughout every cell in the body and can manifest physiologically. Illness is an expression of what’s happening inside the body. We may experience a tightness in the chest, throat, solar plexus and an emotion with it such as pain, fear, rejection, anger, trauma, sadness, irritation etc. The feedback we get from our emotions is a natural and vital part of our existence. If we try to block our emotions , we block a channel of our perception. Even if we don’t want to listen to a particular emotion because it is uncomfortable and suppress it, it doesn’t go away. Emotional pain is there to protect and guide us, just as physical pain is there to teach us not to hold our hand over the fire.

EFT aims to release this stuck energy and thereby removes the actual cause of our negative emotions. Once the energy can flow freely through us again, we are no longer hurt by that comment or experience, allowing for positive thought, personal growth and healing.

Reflexology works in many different ways, energy pathways is just one, more detail can be found on the background page.

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