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Crystal Reflexology

Crystal in shapeof footThe therapeutic powers of crystals can be channelled to help balance bodily systems and emotions and to heal everyday complaints and ailments. The natural vibrations of crystals are utilized in Crystal Reflexology to resonate with vibrations within the body to assist healing. Paula has always had an interest in crystals, and you can choose either a full crystal reflexology treatment or request that some crystals which are encompassed into your treatment.

While no scientific studies on the legitimacy of crystal therapy have been undertaken to date, there have been many suggestions that crystals work by transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy, the piezoelectric effect. It refers to the electrical charge that accumulates in certain solid materials. The degree of vibration they produce is equal to the amount of energy received. Crystals have an energy that interacts with any other energy near it, including a human being.

There are hundreds of crystals which work in different ways on our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves and crystal healing is by its nature calming and relaxing. The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons lists over 400! For pain the placement of crystals naturally begins to ease the imbalances that create pain. Poor energy may be improved by balancing the chakras; stress, insomnia, or an over emotional state, these are just some of the ways crystals may help your well-being.

Crystals can be utilized in massage, reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology. Still not sure if crystal reflexology is for you, ask Paula to include 10 minutes into your next treatment.

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